Power*Suite 2016 Revisions

Added the Power*Steer Module to our long list of products. This module will take all the data entered into the Power*Suite Database and share the data with Power*Steer. So the Directional Surveys that have been calculated will generate a well path, the MD Gamma Ray Curve will be displayed and any or all curve data can also be displayed on the Vertical Section portion of the Cross Section. A Relative Stratagraphic Depth curve(RSD) curve must also be added (basically a TVD Curve from an offset well) through Power*Suite so that we can perform dips and faults so that we can accurately steer the well from the wellsite.

Added the ability to Print out Striplogs (both vertical and horizontal)and Core Logs to a continuous tiff file (no page breaks) including Striplog headers, location maps, survey views, legends and formation tops.

Added an option on the View menu to extend the Curve display in the TVD and SS display in both Power*Log and Power*Core to display the curve data past the old limitations of 2 subsequent 90 degree or 1 survey greater than 90 degree that would cut the entire display off. The user now has the ability to keep the curve display going.

We have added another layer to show the Perforated Intervals in Power*Log, Power*Curve and Power*Core as well as the ability to Import and Export the Perforated Intervals. These Perforated Intervals can be displayed in Power*Log, Power*Curve, Power*Core as well as Power*Steer cross section.

In the Well record we have added the ability to Enter the Wells Surface Locations Latitude and Longitude in formatted degrees minutes and seconds. Also in the Well record we have added the ability to Calculate the Wells Casing depth along with the Wells Total Depths' Latitude and Longitude from a measured depth if you have entered the Wells Surface Location in the formatted degrees minutes and seconds.

Added a Core Photo Cropping tool to easily crop core photos from the core box pictures and add them to a core log for depth correction.

Added the Core Photo Stacking Module with the ability to stack crop photos, rotate photo, identify rubble or slough intervals, split and lock photos to a depth, shrink and stretch individual core sleeves or all sleeves between to lock points and move all cored intervals up or down. This layer will enable the user to depth correct core photos to log data quickly and easily.

Added a lot more functionality to the Survey View Module. We have added the ability to designate the Township and Range numbers to the Plan and User defined views. We have also added the ability to define, display and calculate the distance from hard boundaries in the Plan and User defined views. Also added the ability to represent the Top and Base of the zone of interest defined in Power*Steer in the User defined view. To represent this better we now have a vertical scaling feature to show the dips / faults of the zone of interest with respect to the well path.

Added an Interpretive Facies layer / track that mimics the Interpretive Lithology layer to handle all bed restricted layers so that when you change a facies interval all bed restricted layers will amend with those revisions. This layer also has the Dean Stark test intervals imbedded into them with a min / max test interval, and a maximum lost core interval to give the user the ability to automate the Dean Stark interval calculations so the test will never go over facies boundaries or areas of lost core too large.

Added a V Shale Gamma Ray (GR), V Shale Porosity (POR), and a V Shale Minimum (Min) layers / tracks to calculate the volume of shale from a gamma ray curve in the various calculation methods (Index ratio, Steiber, Clavier, Tertiary Rocks and Older Rocks).

The user can now control the Bed Restricted layers with either an Interpretive Facies Layer or an Interpretive Lithology Layer. By doing so we have added another system log for both Metric and Imperial for Interpretive Facies logs.

Interpretive Lithology Layer / Track. We have added the Ability to Delete Multiple Lithology or Bed Intervals. We have also added an Interval Button to the builder to enable the user to find any really small beds that are not discernable to the eye.

Print WE / AM and Reports to word. We have added subsea values to the Morning reports and the Survey Reports. We have also added the AER UWI requirements to all the reports as well as the Strip and Core log headers.

Revised LAS Export Utility for Curve data to include the TVD and Subsea Values to the export file data and included the AER board requirements from Directive 80.

Revised LAS Export of Well data to include only certain well log data including only relevant log data and creating a menu item to easily get to the LAS Well data file creation.

Added a Curve Fill Layer to Power*Curve (Power*Steer Option on Single Curve) that allows you to create a visual effect with the Interpretive lithology coupled with the Power*Steer bedding dips and faults. This layer will allow you to automate the drafting of the Lithology along the Well Path in this track. If the Interpretive lithology has been drawn it will be reflected and directly correlated to the corresponding bedding dips and faults created in the Power*Steer application.