Tips and Hints

From time to time you're stuck and don't know what to do. Many industry related associations have newsletters or papers that can be downloaded or purchased from their website.

Our links page has many useful links.

You may also want to attend a number of luncheons hosted by the CSPG. They also have live webcasts.


Recommended Printers

We get many requests for suggestions on which printers we recommend. Most Inkjet printers today are continuous, as well as compatible to our software. Although the quality, speed and price vary greatly it is ultimately your choice. But here are a few printers we suggest you look at.

  • Stylus C88+
  • Stylus Pro 4000: (High Performance, Wide Carriage)
  • Stylus 1280: (Wide Carriage)
  • Epson Drivers

Recommended Computer

There are not any specific computers that we endorse just ensure that it has the minimum requirements to run Power*Suite.

Wide Carriage Printers Printers