Welcome to TriVision

Trivision Geosystems Ltd. is an aggressive software developer specializing in leading edge geological information management solutions for both wellsite and office environments. From in-depth market research, we recognized the need of the geological segment of the petroleum industry for a more sophisticated line of software tools to assist exploration and development personnel in areas from daily information acquisition to the support of critical decision making.


In September of 1995, after over two years of extensive research and development, we proudly introduced Power*Log as the first product in the Power*Suite family designed to specifically address those needs. The response was so positive, we immediately went to work on developing a horizontal software package. In the fall of 1997, we introduced Power*Curve, which had much to the same response as Power*Log. In 2003 we introduced the extremely popular Power*Core, a core logging package. In 2012 we have developed 2 new applications. The Vertical Section Module which now allows the user to change the MD scale in Power*Curve to Vertical Section and then to Open Hole. The second module is the Survey View which automatically updates itself from the surveys and plots the Well Path in 4 distinct views. Plan View, User-Defined View, Vertical Section View and Cross Section View.

Users quickly took advantage of all of these packages finding them to be an industry benchmark for chip & core logging software programs. Since then, our belief of constant effort in building and improving our software systems, as well as our commitment to provide superior support and services to our customers, have become the cornerstone of our business.

Most recently, we have released 2018 of the Power*Suite series for our Power*Log, Power*Curve and Power*Core applications, along with our new Geosteering app Power*Steer and PowerWITS to connect to any WITS server. This would be our 14th edition of Power*Suite and is our most advanced yet.

It is the constant improvement to our products and our commitment to supporting our users as you are the roots of the company and will provide us with future opportunities to grow in existing and new markets alike.