ASCII to LAS Module

Our ASCII to LAS Builder does exactly what its name suggests. It will take any form of ASCII data regardless of special formatting, leading text, text field, or odd null values and help you convert it through a series of easy to follow wizards. The resulting product is an LAS file available to any LAS compatible program where the data can be used. Of it's many features, one of the strongest is the ability to invert the ASCII data before creating the LAS file. Previously this process involved importing the ASCII data into Microsoft Excel and inverting the data manually. Not only does the ASCII to LAS Builder invert the data for you, it takes only seconds saving a great deal of time and hassle over the previous method.

Other features include the option to select all or only the specific data columns important to you, the ability to handle fixed width files and the power to view and edit your current ASCII files. We have also designed the ASCII to LAS Builder with the goal of saving you formatting time. For example, header and configuration files can be saved and re-used for your common or frequently used ASCII data sets.

The program, although fast and powerful is very easy to use and with the aid of the step-by-step wizards, it takes very little time to create the LAS files you need from the ASCII files you have.

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