Core Photo Profile Tool Module

This module enables the user to crop out sleeves from core photos and place them vertically into Power*Core. These core photo's can be easily manipulated to depth correct the photos to Wireline, LWD or Pipe conveyed logs. The individual core photos can be split, rotated, moved, stretched and shrunk. Multiple core photo's from one or more cores can then be moved altogether. They can then be locked to a depth (top or bottom of a sleeve portion) and then a whole core can be stretch or shrunk from the lock point, Also if there are two lock points the whole section between the locked points can be simultaneously shrunk and stretched between the locking points. All this manipulation should make depth correction a snap.

The core photo stack can be displayed on any scale from 1:1 to 1:5000. The core photo width along with the track width will scale with the depth scale. This functionality will be rendered useless when the screen or print scale exceeds a scale of 1:40. We also have an option to keep the maximum photo width to at least visualize the core somewhat skewed.

We also have implemented a pop out track where the user can scale the core without scaling the screen. This visual can be up to 5 times the actual core at a 1:1 scale and will really zoom in on a particular section as long as the core photo quality can handle this.

Add this functionality, coupled with the Automated Test Intervals, the new Interpretive Facies, and the existing Power*Core functionalities will keep supplying power to the Power*Suite product line and keep it ahead of our competition for years to come.

Core Photo Profile Tool
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