Survey*View Module

The Survey*View module allows the user to  display the well bore in 4 separate views. They can illustrate the well path in a Plan View, Cross Section View (right angles to the target azimuth), Vertical Section View (parallel to the target azimuth) and the User Defined view that allows the user to view the well bore in any direction and rotate the cube and zoom in or out with very little effort. With the Survey*View module, you have the ability to plot the Well Path, Proposed Well Path, Target Azimuth, Formation Tops, some of the directional surveys of the Well and the Interpretive Lithology in True Vertical Depth (TVD) and Vertical Section (VS) in 4 views and then print them with the Striplog and the Well End Reports. The user will also be able to export them as well. You can a single well or they may choose to plot multiple wells as long as they are in close enough proximity to each other. The well information comes from the original well plotted and the well paths are activated from the subsequent wells picked. The grid system utilized in the views are the NTS, DLS and non specific if these are not chosen.


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