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Core log

It has been twelve years in development and upgrades and now we have a core logger’s dream software, built for the Windows environment. Built on the same principles as Power*Log. Power*Core will make the presenting and detailed analysis of core easier than ever.

We now have added the ability to crop core photos out of their boxes and line them up on the Core Log. The cropped pictures can be rotated, moved, split, deleted, stretched and shrunk. All the photos can be moved at once and can locked to a depth. All this ability leads to easily depth correcting cores to Wireline or MWD logs. We have added the ability to indicate rubble zones where analysis cannot be performed but still indicates core recovery. Slough has also been taken into account.

We also have just implemented (what we call) Interpretive Facies that will tie in all restricted layers. So now the user can tie these layers to either the Lithology or Facies. So when you resize or delete a facie all the corresponding data will resize or delete with respect to the changes made to the Facies..

Also associated with the Facies are testing intervals which then can be correlated to the core photos and will automate Dean Stark Intervals taking into account lost core, facies boundaries and zones that would be too small, Other test intervals can be tied automatically to these Dean stark Intervals.

All this manipulation can be performed by the powerful database will that facilitate the storage and data retrieval and display.

Let us know how you want your log set up and we will create a template, for Free!
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Our Recent Features:

Printing to a Tiff file format. This would create a single page output with no breaks for the Title page, Legend, Location map, Survey views, Lithlog and Formation tops. 

Log will now display data at a 1:1 depth ratio up to 1:5000 depth ratio.

If the user wishes to zoom in any further on the Core images we have a core photo magnify layer that allows you to get up to 5 times the image size. This track will automatically resize to fit the desired scale.

The core photo stacking layer allows the user to rotate, split, stretch, shrink, delete as well as move single or multiple core photo sections to easily depth correct core images. Also indicated lost core, rubble and slough.

This Core Photo manipulation can then be easily exported to annotate the core photos or identify test intervals.

The Facies layer will now handle all the bed restricted layers data so that when a deletion or a resize of a Facies (or Lithology depending on the Well type) takes place all the associated layers will reflect those changes. Also included in the Facies layer are test interval indicators to when the photos are stacked the test intervals take into account the maximum lost core and minimum / maximum and idealized test intervals required.

The Automated Dean Starks layer can also be revised manually by the user. The automation takes into account lost core, facies boundaries, slough and minimum and maximum test intervals,

The Automated Test Intervals can be utilized for other designed tests such as MBI, PSD, OVB or any other interval test that the user can think of.

The test point indicator is just that. It allows the user to identify on the Core exactly where they wish the lab to perform those procedures.

All test indicators are easily exported to file format determined by the user to pass on to the testers.

These features along with the other features that have been developed over the many years will allow you to do anything your imagination can think of.

Our Recent Additions of Tracks & Layers:


For all our tracks and layers visit our Tracks page.








Survey Module

Core Photo Stacking

ASCIItoLAS Builder