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Power*SteerTM is our newest addition to our long list of products. The fact that our users only have to enter the data once and it is shared with all the modules saves time when there is precious little of it when we are drilling in this day and age. To make this module work for you the user must have a Vertical or a TVD offset in which you will use to to Steer the well. Also the user should have some idea of the regional strike and dip for the ZOI that you will be steering through. Using this Relative Stratagraphic Depth (RSD) curve from any well in the area to be used as a Type well. The user has the ability to have multiple Type wells so they can correlate to one well at the Heel of the well and another Type Well at the Toe of the well.

You can accurately and easily plot the bedding dips and faults of your target zone, providing vital directions and information to your team of drillers to maximize the effective zone of your well. We can easily print out the cross section plot in any horizontal scale or the fit to page option. This data can now be easily used in Power*Curve and the Survey*View modules to represent accurately the bedding dips and faults of your zone of interest. Easily the most affordable Steering program available on the market today.








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