Over the years TriVision Geosystems Ltd. has become known for its leading edge technology by producing some of the best Geological Striplog and Corelogging software anywhere.

We take pride in our Power*Suite Striplog and Corelogging software and have designed it so that you may customize your striplogs for any type of presentation in a variety of ways that will always suit your needs.

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Introducing the Most Advanced Striplog and Corelog Software Period!

Trivision Geosystems Ltd. specializes in Striplog and Corelogging software products for geologists both out on wellsite and in the office. More specifically, we offer Power*Log (Striplog Vertical), Power*Curve (Striplog Horizontal), Power*Core, and now introducing Power*Steer along with our Core Photo Stacking, TVD*Module, VS*Module, Survey View*Module and our ASCII to LAS Builder

The architecture of Power*Log, Power*Curve, Power*Core and Power*Steer are built around a relational database management system (RDBMS) where pertinent data is captured and stored to facilitate data manipulation. Furthermore, the Power*Suite database has been strategically designed to be ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant. This enables third party programs supporting the ODBC interface to work directly with our database in a client-server and heterogeneous environment Power*Log (Striplog Vertical), Power*Curve (Striplog Horizontal), and Power*Core are integrated systems and consist of a log editor as well as data transfer and reporting modules. All our products implement single entry data that greatly reduce the work load of wellsite geologists compiling comprehensive geological wellsite data, while ensuring a higher level of data standardization.

Finally, they will produce timely, consistent and correlated data from user to user and well to well; cutting the time necessary to make informed decisions and the costs associated with making those decisions.

The best in geological wellsite Striplog and Corelogging software just got even better with TriVision's new release, 2018. Click here to see what's been added to our newest version!

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